How can I listen in my car?


  • Bluetooth: If your car supports Bluetooth audio, you can use a supported mobile app on your mobile phone and listen through your car speakers. Consult your car’s user manual for details on pairing your phone to your car. If supported this is the easiest way to listen in your car!
  • Aux port: If your car stereo has an AUX port, you can use a male to male 3.5mm plug cable to connect your mobile phone to your car stereo and use a supported mobile app to stream Wild Hits.
  • FM transmitter: If your car has a working FM radio receiver, you can use an FM transmitter radio adapter to broadcast Wild Hits from a supported mobile app to your car’s FM stereo. Note: This will reduce Wild Hits to FM broadcast quality, all other options will give you better sound quality than FM broadcast.
  • In-dash: If your car has apps built-in, just open the app and search for Wild Hits.
  • Cassette adapter: If your car has a cassette player, you can use a cassette adapter to play Wild Hits from a supported mobile phone app through your car’s cassette player. Even though these seems like the most old school method, it still gives you better sound quality than an FM transmitter.


How can I listen on my computer?


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